5 Signs You Need Invisalign Braces

Braces not only improve your smile, they can actually help improve your overall dental health as well. Determining if you need braces is not a guessing game -- there are some clear signs that you will be given that will let you know if you need invisalign braces or not. 

Sign #1: Your Teeth Are Too Close Together 

Braces are not just for when you have gaps in your teeth. If your teeth are too close together and it is hard to brush or properly floss around your teeth, braces will help space out your teeth. Having teeth that are too close together can compromise your dental health over time. Braces like Invisalign can help you get your teeth in better shape. 

Sign #2: Your Teeth are Really Sensitive 

If your teeth are really sensitive, one of the reasons they may be so sensitive to temperature or pressure may be because your teeth are misaligned. This is not the only reason for tooth sensitivity, but it is one of the reasons that your teeth may be sensitive. Your dentist will be able to let you know if your teeth are misaligned. 

Sign #3: You Have Gaps in Your Teeth 

If you have gaps in your teeth, braces can help bring your teeth together and put them in proper alignment. Braces will get rid of the gaps, which can be visually unappealing and can damage your bite as well.  

Sign #4: You Have Jaw Pain 

If you have jaw pain, one of the reasons you may have jaw pain could be that your jaw is not lined up properly. Braces do not just get your teeth back in the right position, they can also help get your jaw aligned as well. Having braces can help you fight back against your jaw pain so you can have a pain-free life.  

Sign #5: Your Speech is Off 

If you have speech issues, one of the reasons behind your speech issues could be the position of your teeth. Your teeth play an important role in your ability to talk properly. Fixing issues with your teeth can lead to an improvement in your speech.  

When it comes to needing invisalign braces, there are often very clear signs that you need to watch out for. Talk to your dentist, and get a referral to an orthodontist if your teeth are too close or too far apart, if your teeth are really sensitive, if you have jaw pain caused by misaligned teeth, or if your speech is off.  

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