Dental Issues That May Require Professional Treatment

There are many problems that dental patients can experience at some point or another. There are a handful of dental problems that are particularly common, but patients may not know how to respond when they encounter these dental health issues for the first time.

Jaw Pain

Some patients may develop chronic pain in their jaws. This is often a problem associated with the joint or the tissue around the joint. Individuals that grind their teeth or otherwise keep the joint tense for long periods of time can be particularly prone to this problem. Mouth guards that are designed to be worn while a patient is sleeping can be an effective way of reducing this problem. In some instances, this problem can develop into severe TMJ, which may require surgery or other drastic measures to correct. Prompt treatment can help to quickly identify the underlying cause of the jaw pain so that corrective measures can be quickly taken.

Worsening Tooth Sensitivity

It is normal for individuals to have some degree of tooth sensitivity. Those that have needed extensive fillings or other major dental work may experience more severe tooth sensitivity. However, some patients will find that their tooth sensitivity is worsening over time. This is often a warning sign of enamel damage or gum erosion. Both of these problems can result in major dental complications if they are left untreated. Dental bonding and gum treatments can be used to help alleviate worsening sensitivity issues.

Chronic Bad Breath

For most individuals brushing, flossing and using mouthwash should be sufficient for controlling chronic bad breath. However, there are many patients that will simply find these steps insufficient for addressing their halitosis. Unfortunately, some individuals will find that their foul breath will return soon after they brush and floss. Individuals with this problem can have their quality of life impacted by their bad breath as it can impact the taste of food, lead to difficulties with interpersonal relationships and contribute to overall discomfort. Often, this can indicate another dental problem that is needing to be addressed, such as a decaying tooth, gum disease or abscesses.

Loose Or Missing Tooth

Patients that have suffered a strong blow to the mouth may find that one or more of their teeth have been knocked loose or are completely missing. Replacing these teeth will be a major priority, and there are a couple of treatments available. Dental bridges and implants are both viable options depending on the dental health of the particular patient as well as their preferences. 

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