3 Benefits Of Having A Full Arch Dental Restoration

If you have multiple missing or severely damaged teeth, then you can use full arch rehabilitation to restore your teeth. This procedure replaces all of the teeth in your upper or lower arch — or in both — with dental implants and a denture bridge.

How can full arch rehabilitation help you fix your problems?

1. Restore Your Smile

Missing teeth can affect your confidence. You will be conscious that you have gaps; you'll worry that other people can see them when you smile.

Plus, if your remaining teeth also have problems and aren't in great cosmetic condition, then your confidence takes another knock. Smiling might start to make you feel miserable.

If you have a full arch restoration, then you fill in all your gaps. You get a new set of teeth that look just like natural teeth. However, your new teeth will look better than the current teeth you have left. Your smile, and your confidence, get a boost.

2. Get Permanently Fixed False Teeth

If you've been thinking about having your remaining teeth removed and replaced with dentures, then you might worry about how you will cope with false teeth. Regular dentures aren't fixed. You'll have to adapt the way you use your teeth to compensate for the way they work.

A full arch restoration gives you all the benefits of dentures and more. You get a new arch or set of teeth; however, your teeth are permanently attached to their implant posts. This is the closest way to get teeth that look and feel natural. Your teeth won't move or become loose. They'll feel strong and stable just like natural teeth.

3. Reduce Problems Caused by Gaps

If you've had some teeth removed, then your gaps can cause other problems. For example, your remaining teeth will lose support if they don't have teeth around them. They'll have to take all the strain of chewing.

These teeth might become weaker and more prone to damage. You'll have to have more treatment on them in the future. This increases your long-term dental costs.

Plus, you lose bone in your jaw if you have a gap and don't fill it. If you have gaps and lose some bone, then your facial shape can change. Parts of your face might start to look sunken.

If you restore a full arch, then you don't have to worry about the deterioration of the remaining teeth. Your new arch or arches replace your problem teeth as well as fill your gaps. They also provide support to keep your facial shape.

To find out more about full arch rehabilitation and how it works, talk to your dentist.

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