Cosmetic Procedures To Restore Your Smile

Cosmetic dental issues can be an embarrassing problem for a patient to have. For a person that is suffering from these problems, there is a range of cosmetic dental treatment options that may be used to correct these issues.


Veneers can be one of the more common options that people will use in order to improve their cosmetic dental issues. Unfortunately, this can be a treatment option that may be overlooked. Yet, veneers can be an effective and long-lasting solution that can correct severe tooth discoloration, misshapen teeth, and a variety of other severe cosmetic issues. The application of veneers will involve placing a thin porcelain covering over the teeth. This can instantly change their appearance. However, the veneers will need to be replaced eventually due to the wear that they will experience.

Tooth Reconstructions

There are many structural damages that your teeth can suffer that will have the ability to cause severe cosmetic issues for the patient. When this is the case for one or more of your cosmetically important teeth, the patient may need to undergo a tooth reconstruction. This will be a complex process that will involve the dentist using bonding to restore the shape of the teeth. While this may take the dentist some time to complete this process, it will be a durable solution that should provide results for years after the procedure.

Tooth Replacements

Unfortunately, there are some types of tooth damage that may simply be too severe to be repaired with a reconstruction procedure. When this is the case, a patient may be better served by choosing to completely replace the tooth. Placing a dental implant can be the most durable and effective option for correcting the cosmetic issues that the missing tooth would otherwise cause. In addition to being a viable solution for restoring the appearance of your smile, a dental implant can also eliminate the potential functional issues that a missing tooth would be able to cause.

Gum Shaping

While your teeth can be one of the most prominent parts of your dental appearance, your gums can also play a major role. Unfortunately, some individuals may have a gum line that rises much higher than is ideal. In addition to potentially impacting the appearance of your smile, this is an issue that may also lead to your teeth being at a greater risk of developing cavities and other problems. Gum shaping can involve removing the excess gums so that they will be returned to a more natural gumline.

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