Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canal

People dread various dental procedures, including root canal treatment. That explains why folks have so many questions about root canal treatment. This article aims to answer these frequently asked questions. At least you'll be well informed of what root canal procedure entails and hopefully eliminate any fears you might have.

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

This is a question that everyone asks. And since most folks assume that dental procedures are generally painful, it's good to clear this myth. The truth is that the root canal is no longer painful, especially with advanced technology. Besides, modern endodontic techniques have made things easier. Also, expect to be given local anesthesia during the procedure. You might only experience some soreness or discomfort after the anesthesia wears off.

What Is the Price of a Root Canal? 

The cost of a root canal treatment might vary depending on various factors. So, don't assume that all dentists will charge the same price. However, you can contact your preferred endodontist for a price estimate. Also, the cost of a root canal procedure can reduce if you have an insurance policy.

Do You Really Need a Root Canal?

Well, root canals aren't meant to solve all dental problems. As such, you might have to see a dentist to get advice on whether a root canal is necessary. In most cases, root canal procedures are done on infected teeth. The infection must have affected the inner part of the tooth. So, if you have a decaying or cracked tooth causing problems, you should get a root canal to prevent the formation of abscesses or tooth pain.

Can You Eat After a Root Canal Procedure?

Yes, there's no problem with eating after a root canal procedure is done. However, you should proceed with caution as you wouldn't want to put excess pressure on the tooth. That said, you should stick to soft foods until the tooth heals. You should also avoid foods or drinks that are too hot or cold.

Can You Get a Root Canal Retreatment?

Yes, a tooth canal retreatment might be necessary if the tooth is still giving you problems. Maybe the tooth has developed an infection, or it's paining you. In that case, an endodontist might have to perform another root canal treatment. The second treatment should solve the infection and any other problems.

How Long Does It Take for a Root Canal to Heal?

Well, root canal recovery time is around seven days. So, you should be fine after a week, although you might still experience mild discomfort. However, you should visit your dentist for solutions if you feel severe discomfort or pain after seven days.

For more information, contact your dentist today.

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