What Can Patients Enjoy With Clear Aligner Treatment?

Clear aligners are ideal for patients who want to straighten their teeth without the restrictions of traditional braces. This alternative gives patients many treatment options, from remote dentistry services to nighttime wear schedules. These are some of the advantages patients can enjoy when they choose clear aligner orthodontic treatment:

1. You can keep your teeth white and healthy. 

People with traditional braces sometimes struggle to keep their teeth clean. Cleaning around the brackets and wires of braces can be challenging, especially when it's time to floss. Poor dental hygiene can easily lead to stains, tooth decay, and yellowed teeth. Clear aligners make it easy to clean your teeth since they are removable. This will allow you to maintain white, healthy teeth during your orthodontic treatment and beyond.

2. You may be able to straighten your teeth at night.

Traditional clear aligner plans require patients to wear their clear aligners as much as possible, removing them only for meals and teeth cleanings. However, some people don't like the idea of walking around with clear aligners on their teeth. If this describes you, you should know that you may be a candidate for night treatments. Patients who choose this treatment option will wear their clear aligners solely at night. Your teeth will move more slowly if you choose this route. However, you'll be able to go through your day without having to wear your clear aligners.

3. Your clear aligners will be as comfortable as possible.

Compliance is key when it comes to invisible braces. Clear aligners work best when they're worn as directed. Uncomfortable orthodontic gear can be an obstacle to patient compliance. Fortunately, clear aligners are designed to be as comfortable as possible. Each aligner tray is specifically designed to fit your teeth perfectly. Laser cutters form each aligner with the utmost precision, and thin plastic ensures that your clear aligners will be unobtrusive as possible.

4. You may be able to complete your orthodontic journey remotely.

For many people, the dentist's office isn't their favorite place to be. You may have trauma related to dental treatment or simply be too busy to visit your dentist's office. Fortunately, you may be able to complete your orthodontic journey remotely. Some dentists offer teledentistry services where they provide remote services to patients. A teledentistry service may be able to provide you with everything you need to straighten your teeth with clear aligners. You can take impressions of your own teeth using a kit that can be mailed to your house. A licensed dentist will then design a treatment plan, and clear aligners will be sent to your house on a regular schedule.

Speak to your dentist about invisible braces to learn more. 

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