What You Want To Know Before Getting Botox

Want to get Botox injections to get rid of the wrinkles that are somewhat noticeable? You will likely have some common questions about the procedure before you move forward.

Can Anybody Get Botox?

It's important to know if you qualify to get Botox since some people cannot due to pre-existing conditions. For example, if you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding you would not be allowed to get Botox. Other health factors may put you more at risk and disqualify you from getting the procedure, such as having problems with bleeding or eye issues.

Will it Hurt To Get Botox?

A common concern is if it will hurt to get a Botox treatment. While there is some discomfort, it is not going to hurt you. This is because the procedure uses very fine needles to inject Botox under your skin. These are very similar to the needles that a diabetic person would use to inject insulin on a daily basis. 

Will You See Immediate Results? 

It's important that you do not have expectations to see immediate results after getting Botox injections. It can take several days for the effects of the injections to be noticeable, with everyone having a different time frame for when they will see results. Do not stress out if you are not seeing the results you want the next day.

Does Your Face Swell After Botox Injections?

The nice thing about Botox is that it is a simple procedure that is done at your doctor's office. You'll be able to leave the office and go about your day, all without having to worry about swelling. Some people will get Botox injections in the middle of the day and then return to work without anybody even noticing that they received the injections.

How Long Will Botox Last?

One thing to understand about Botox is that it is a temporary procedure and won't last forever. This means that you'll need to get additional Botox injections in the future in order to maintain the effects of the treatment. This can be both a good and bad thing since patients that do not like the look of Botox will have it naturally go away after several months. It can also be reassuring to know it is not permanent if you encounter an undesired side effect as a result of the treatment.

Looking for more information about Botox? Reach out to a local clinic that can help educate you more about it. 

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