Choosing A Dental Implant For Your Tooth Replacement

The loss of a tooth is a dental problem that can have profound impacts on your appearance as well as your mouth's functionality. After suffering tooth loss, it is often possible to replace the missing tooth with an implant that will be able to fully restore the patient's mouth. Dental implants can be the preferred solution for many people due to the unique benefits that this treatment approach can offer.

Eating Can Be More Comfortable

When a person needs to have a tooth replaced, they may assume that the replacement tooth will make eating less comfortable or more difficult due to the tooth feeling loose. Dental implants will avoid this problem as the implanted replacement will be extremely durable and stable. This can allow you to avoid the need to avoid certain foods or to otherwise change your eating habits. While you may need to be mindful to eat soft foods during the placement process for the implant, these restrictions can be lifted once the implant has fully fused to the bones in the jaw.

The Implant Will Be Long Lasting

Dental implants can be among the longest-lasting tooth replacement options. The implant that holds the artificial tooth in place will be a permanent addition to your mouth. However, the artificial tooth itself will eventually need to be replaced. This is due to the amount of wear that it can sustain over the years. Yet, this artificial tooth will normally be able to last for a decade or longer before replacement is needed. Additionally, the process of replacing the artificial tooth that attaches to the dental implant will be simple as it is designed to be easily removed so that it can be replaced. During your annual dental cleanings, your care provider will be able to assess the condition of the replacement tooth to determine whether it is approaching the end of its usable life.

Patients Can Enjoy A More Natural Appearance

Ensuring that the tooth replacement has the most natural appearance possible is important for addressing the cosmetic problems that a patient may experience. In this regard, dental implants can be among the most effective solutions. This effectiveness is due to the fact that the artificial tooth and the implant can be positioned below the gum line. As a result, it will provide patients with the most natural appearing replacement tooth possible. For a person that is having a front tooth replaced, this can be an especially important benefit to consider. 

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