Three Most Common Dental Problems In Children

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 15% of American children aged between 2 and 17 had not visited a dentist in the previous year. The problem with this statistic is that there are a number of common dental problems in children that can impact their adult teeth if left unattended. If you are not convinced that an annual visit to a children's dentist each year is necessary, consider these dental issues and whether they will impact your child.

Decay And Cavities

There is a misconception among some parents and communities that decay and cavities in baby teeth are not a huge issue because those teeth are replaced by adult ones. While it is correct that baby teeth do not last forever, damage done to these teeth can impact the adult ones beneath. When decay attacks baby teeth, it does not stop once it reaches the gum line. Decay can burrow into the gum and go below the baby teeth where the adult teeth are starting to form. This means adult teeth are damaged before they emerge into the mouth. Decay and cavities in baby teeth must be treated when found to stop the spread.

Gum Disease

Cavities are not the only issue that excess bacteria brings. Gum disease can be a long-term painful problem for your child if left unchecked. It is not uncommon in children because it ties in with bad dental habits. If your child fights back against daily brushing and flossing, then it is important for your children's dentist to regularly check their gum health. Signs that gum disease has commenced include swollen, red, or bleeding gums. Gum disease also occurs if a child's teeth are crooked, which prevents them from being brushed properly. This is another reason to schedule dental visits.

Dentist Anxiety

The earlier in life your child meets their dentist, the better the ongoing relationship becomes because a trip to the children's dentist office is not a scary unknown. Dental anxiety is not uncommon among adults but you can stop this from happening by building a strong relationship between your child and their dentist from a very young age.

The earlier your kids build a relationship with a children's dentist, the more likely they are to not experience major dental issues once they reach adulthood. Book an appointment today and get your children immersed into a lifelong love of taking care of their teeth. Contact a children's dentist for more information. 

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