What To Do Right After Getting Braces

Are you going to have braces installed to fix your misaligned teeth?  If so, you'll need to make some adjustments when you are sent home from the orthodontist's office.  Here are some tips for adjusting to braces right after getting them.

Plan To Eat Soft Foods

Your teeth are going to feel a bit sore immediately after having braces installed, and you may not feel up to eating foods that require a bit of chewing. Thankfully, this sensation will go away after a few days, but you'll want to change up your diet until then. Be prepared by having soft foods on hand that you can eat. Foods like pudding, applesauce, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, etc. are a few examples. You'll be glad that you did during the adjustment period. 

Take Pain Medication Preemptively

You will experience some pain right after having the braces installed, which is why it helps to take a pain medication before you even visit the orthodontist to have the braces installed.  This can help ease the discomfort that happens right afterwards. Plan on taking pain medication regularly over the next few days to help lessen the discomfort that you would normally feel.

Have Dental Wax On Hand

One of the best things that you can have when your braces are installed is dental wax. There will certainly be a lot of irritation with your metal braces rubbing against your gums, and it can even cause the inside of your cheeks to hurt.  Your cheeks do adjust to the sensation of having metal braces, but until then it is worth it to put wax over the metal brackets in areas where it is rubbing a lot. The soft tissues inside your mouth will feel much better as a result of using a small amount of wax to cover up the sharp edges of the brackets.

Use A Salt Water Rinse

You should also try to use a salt water rinse often when you have braces installed. The salt water will help reduce inflammation in the area, which you are likely experiencing due to the change in pressure on your teeth.  All you need to do is swish the salt water around for a bit before spitting it out. You can do this as many times as necessary if it helps the area feel good.  

Looking for more tips about how to adjust to wearing braces? Contact a professional such as Donald E. Snyder Orthodontics, or your local orthodontist. 

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