3 Reasons To Choose A Metal Dental Crown

If your dentist has just informed you that a dental crown will be necessary to save one of your teeth, he or she will then let you know about the different types of materials from which crowns are made. Many people choose ceramic or resin crowns because of their whitish color; in fact, your dentist will match the crown material to the surrounding teeth in your mouth to make it virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Another option is metal, which you might initially shrug off. However, there are actually a handful of reasons that you might prefer a metal dental crown. Here are three.

1. It May Be More Affordable 

Don't shy away from asking your dentist about the price difference between ceramic or resin crowns and metal crowns. You'll generally find that the latter is more affordable. For example, metal crowns are just one color — your dentist doesn't need to match this type of crown to your surrounding teeth, which is one reason that this is a less-expensive option. If you don't have dental insurance and you want to keep your out-of-pocket expenses as low as possible, a metal crown may appeal to you.

2. It Can Help You To Achieve A Look

While the average person may not like the look of a metal tooth in his or her mouth, there are some people for whom this look may be highly desirable. For example, if you're a tattoo artist and enjoy making fashion statements that are outside of the norm, you might feel excited about the idea of a metal tooth. This may also be appealing if you're a biker or a rock musician, for example. While the majority of people don't fall into these professions, there's no disputing that this look can be favorable for the above individuals.

3. It's Extremely Low-Maintenance

Your dentist may tell you that a metal crown will require the least amount of maintenance of any type of dental crown — and this can appeal to you if you'd rather limit the number of future dental procedures that you need. For example, the durability of a metal crown means that it's highly unlikely to ever break. Crowns made of other materials can sometimes sustain damage if you frequently eat hard foods. Another scenario that you could encounter in the future is differences between the color of the crown and your other teeth. For example, if you were to decide to get your teeth whitened, they'd be much whiter than the crown, because it cannot be whitened. This may compel you to get a whiter crown put in.

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