Missing A Tooth? These Four Methods Can Fix It

Missing a tooth, especially one near the front, can cause you to feel self conscious around others. Thankfully, it's not something that you have to live with forever. You can fix a missing tooth using one of several different methods. By knowing what those methods are, you can pick one that will work best for you.


A dental bridge requires having two healthy teeth that surround your missing tooth. A crown is placed on those healthy teeth, and are used to form a bridge that hold a fake tooth in place. Many people prefer this method because it is not very invasive, and can be completed in two trips to the dentist. One will be to determine how big the crowns will need to be, and the return trip to have them installed.


Dental veneers can be used in a similar method as a bridge, but it will hide the missing tooth with a porcelain shell that looks like a real tooth, but attaches to the front of the surrounding teeth. You do not have the strength of a real tooth, but it is another method that is minimally invasive. This may be preferred if you have other cosmetic problems you want to fix at the same time.


An implant can be the most stable and secure tooth replacement option. It involves placing a titanium rod into the jawbone, which supports a dental crown. The downfall of this technique is the length of the procedure. It will take several months for the rod to integrate with the jawbone which will use a temporary tooth during that time. You'll return to have the final crown installed once the rod is strong enough to support it.

Flexible Denture

One method that does not require any sort of surgical procedure is a flexible denture. You do not need to have an entire set of missing teeth for dentures, since a flexible denture can be used to replace a single missing tooth. This provides more cosmetic benefits than practical benefits, since the main complaint about flexible dentures is that they are not permanent. They can shift in the mouth while they are in use, and not as easy to chew with as a dental implant or dental bridge.

For more information about how to fix your missing tooth, speak with a company like Tupelo Tooth. They can advise you about the pros and cons of each procedure.

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