Have To Get Dentures? 2 Tips To Get Adjusted To Wearing Them

If your dentist has told you that you have to get dentures, you may be worried that your mouth will not feel comfortable while you are wearing them and that you will have problems. Fortunately, this is not true and there are many tips that can help you get used to wearing them, two of which are listed below:

Watch Your Diet

When you first get home and feel like eating again, you should watch what you eat in the beginning. This is because eating will feel strange to you. Eating soft foods will help give you time to get used to eating with dentures.

There are some foods and drinks that you should try to avoid. For example, drinking too much caffeine can make you dehydrated, which will also cause your mouth to become very dry. This will make your dentures feel very uncomfortable.

Eating popcorn is also not a good idea. Getting pieces of popcorn stuck between your teeth is painful for everyone, but is especially hard on people that wear dentures. This is because what gets stuck in your dentures may have sharp bits which will poke your gums.  Stay away from sticky candy as it could cause your dentures to dislodge.

Once you get used to eating soft foods, you can gradually add difficult foods. When doing so, chew on each side of your mouth instead of just one side. This will help stabilize your dentures. Do not bite into foods using your front teeth as this will loosen your dentures.

Use Adhesive

Some people that wear dentures feel that they do not have to use any kind of adhesive to hold their dentures in place. Even though this is true for some people, many people find this does not work well for them. Even if you feel your dentures move around a little bit you should use adhesive. This will prevent the dentures from moving around while you are eating and talking.

You can purchase denture adhesive at stores that sell tooth products. Your dentist can also tell you the best type to get for your dentures.

If you find that your dentures do slip a little even if you do use adhesive, such as when you are talking, coughing, laughing, etc., gently bite down and then swallow. This will tighten them back up for you.

Talk with your dentist if you have any questions. They can give you many tips to help you get adjusted to your new dentures. Check out a website like http://www.joerosenbergddspa.net for more information and assistance. 

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