An Interviewer Just Might Need Some Professional Teeth Whitening Work

Looking great for a job interview is important -- and this doesn't only apply to the person being interviewed. Managers who wish to hire the very best talent do need to impress as well. A skilled and talented applicant likely has other options. He or she is not going to join a company that rubs him/her the wrong way. And appearances count. A manager with stained brown or yellow teeth is not going to make a great impression. Undergoing a little bit of teeth whitening at the dentist's office probably would help the cause of impressing a "must have" employee.

The Psychology of Stained Teeth

A lot of simple reasons exist for why someone's teeth may end up stained. Simply drinking tea or coffee might cause stains. Even genetics is a factor capable of contributing to stained teeth. Regardless of the reason, the stains are there and they cause troubling impressions in others. A person being interviewed might see the stained teeth of an interviewer as both a personal and professional turnoff. For this reason, serious steps to make sure the teeth remain white are worth following.

Planning Teeth Whitening

Seeing the dentist for professional teeth whitening once a year is a good plan. A better plan would be to see the dentist several times per year. Teeth whitening will succumb to the factors that stained the teeth originally over time. Perhaps it would be best to plan the first whitening session for just before the hiring season starts. This way, the teeth are whitened with appropriate professional timing.

The Return Session

Asking the dentist when it would be best to return for another whitening is advised. Take the extra steps to inform the dentist about lifestyle and other habits. Someone who just has to have four cups of coffee a day is probably going to need teeth whitening work done a lot quicker than someone who abstains from such beverages.

Using At-Home Whitening Products

If three months is the suggested time in between teeth whitening sessions, it may be wise to add teeth whitening gels, pens, or kits to the medicine cabinet. Such products may be able to help keep the teeth white and provide a little touch up when stains slowly appear. While not a substitute for any professional teeth whitening sessions, these products do provide some benefits. Going with professional-grade products is advised. The dentist can offer far better at-home whitening products than cheap items sold online.

A Business Expense

Consider teeth whitening a necessary business expense. Impressions are everything. The faces of a business must positively impress those they come in contact with. Teeth whitening absolutely helps with making good impressions -- stained teeth do not!

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