How To Easily Repair The Appearance Of A Twisted Tooth

If you have a good-looking smile but you're bothered because one of your teeth has a twisted, misaligned appearance, you may be looking for a fix. While there are a variety of methods for fixing a problem like this, this guide will explain which methods work the easiest and the best for fixing a single tooth.

Why Teeth Get Twisted

Misaligned or "twisted" teeth can happen for a variety of reasons. In some instances, teeth just naturally grow out slightly out of proper position, giving them a twisted appearance. In other cases, trauma or dental damage may cause the tooth to become misaligned. For example, biting your nails and regularly using one tooth to chew on the nail can cause it to be pushed out of position.

The Problem with Braces

There's no debating the fact that braces are the best way to repair major dental alignment problems. They're safe, effective, and permanent, providing that any damage that may have pushed the teeth out of alignment doesn't continue to happen once repairs have been made. However, if you have just one tooth that's a problem, braces may not be a practical solution.

Although braces could repair your tooth and put it back into a normal position, wearing an entire set of braces and waiting for the long period of gradual adjustment braces take could be extremely frustrating. Thankfully, if your tooth doesn't cause any problems with your eating, there is one option that might work better for you.

Covering the Problem

If you want the quickest fix and a smile that looks perfect right away, veneers are your best bet. Veneers are like sheaths that are made out of porcelain or durable resin that sit in front of your teeth. You can have as little as a single veneer or multiple, depending on your needs, and there are no lengthy procedures or processes to go through to have one put in place.

To have a veneer installed, your dentist will examine your teeth for any health problems and to determine what shade your current teeth are to closely match the veneer. After a thorough cleaning, the veneer will be adhered to the front of your misaligned tooth. The veneer will give the appearance of a perfectly straight and healthy-looking tooth, making your smile look perfect.

If you have just one or a few teeth that look less than perfect, veneers are a great option for you. This affordable and quick method can give you the smile you're looking for right away.

For more information and options, contact a cosmetic dentistry clinic in your area. 

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