4 Reasons To Scheldule A Dental Cleaning Before A Child's Summer Sleepaway Camp

Sending a child to sleepaway camp during the summer is a great way to build memories and give your child some independent responsibility. As your child attends camp, they will have to take care of multiple things on their own, including their dental hygiene. While preparing for camp, one way to ensure proper oral health is by booking a dental cleaning in the weeks before camp actually begins. Scheduling the cleaning just before camp comes with four different benefits that can make a huge impact on your child's oral health and enjoyment throughout the camp session. Browse through these benefits and see why a cleaning should become an annual tradition each year before your child leaves from home.

Mouth Cleanings

Summer camp food is not the healthiest of foods. Sugary juices, campfire snacks, and daily meals can all lead to plaque and tartar build-up inside of the mouth. By booking an appointment before the camping session, a dentist can help clear out any existing plaque and bacteria. This will help keep the mouth clean and not prone to creating additional problems like cavities or the onset of gum disease. A clean mouth can also help create positive interactions with other children. Your child will not have to worry about bad breath or unsightly tooth problems as they head to their first days of camps. A healthy smile can help give a nice boost of confidence as your child meets new people and makes friends along the way.

Proper Oral Health Techniques

Not only can a dental cleaning help clean a mouth, but it can act as an important lesson for a child. By hearing it directly from a dentist or hygienist, you child has the ability to learn the best techniques for brushing or flossing. When learning about brushing, a dentist can explain the time that should be spent brushing, proper rotation techniques, and extra areas to brush like the tongue or cheeks. In some cases, you child may be asked to brush at the dentist, so they can make corrections and give tips on improving their brushing techniques. Not only will these lessons help with summer camp, but it can extend beyond that and be used for the rest of your child's life.

Learning proper flossing techniques is another important aspect of the dental appointment. A dentist can help teach your child how to hold the floss, how to direct the floss between the gums, and how to effectively remove the most plaque and bacteria. Learning from a professional can make a big difference in having a lasting impact on your child and setting them for success while away on summer camp.

Cavity & Gum Treatments

If your child has any cavities or gum issues, it's best to discover these problems at an appointment before summer camp occurs. Dealing with a cavity while at camp could lead to severe pain and possible missed activities or days of camp while the cavity gets treated. A dentist can schedule a filling or gum treatment appointment before summer camp begins. This will help treat the problems and heal the mouth well before camp starts. It is a great preventative measure that will allow your child to focus on the fun of summer camp instead of random mouth pains that they are dealing with.

Sample Products

After getting a cleaning, many dental offices offer samples to patients. This can includes toothbrushes, toothpaste, or small canisters of floss. These items are often great for packing for summer camp. The items are often in a travel size and include just the right amount for a camping trip. It's easy to take these sample items and help your child pack them for the trip. A dentist may even give your child the option of selecting from different flavors or colors that they can proudly bring with them while camping.

Proper dental hygiene is a huge part of building personal responsibility. By setting up these steps early, you can feel confident that your child's teeth are getting properly cleaned while they are attending summer camp. For more information, contact a local clinic like Family Dental Center TriCities, PC.

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