5 Ways to Relax Your Child before Oral Surgery

Adults get nervous enough about oral surgery, so imagine what it would be like to be a child facing that unknown. The thought of going through that type of procedure is enough to make anyone become riddled with anxiety. If your child is getting ready to have their first oral surgery procedure, you're probably trying to figure out the best way to help him or her prepare for it. Here some great tips you can follow:

1. Go Over the Process Step by Step

The entire process of oral surgery is overwhelming to your child's small brain. You need to go over the procedure step by step so it won't seem so confusing and there are no surprises. Of course, talk about it in kid-friendly phrases. Talk about "sleepy medicine" and "stuff to make the gums feel good" instead of mentioning anesthesia and shots. Try to make it sound more magical than scary.

2. Focus on the Positive

Don't let your child dwell on the fact that surgery is going to happen. Talk about the good things that will come because of the surgery. If your child is getting a reward after the surgery, keep bringing it up to get your him or her excited. Maybe pick up a balloon along the way and bring your child's favorite stuffed animal. These things will help make the entire process seem a little more exciting.

3. Give Your Child a Little Control

The scariest part about surgery for many people is the fact that they have no control over their body during the procedure. They have to go to sleep and put all of their trust into the hands of someone that they hardly know. This is just as scary for a child as for an adult, even if they aren't consciously thinking of it that way. Ask your child if he or she wants to wear pajamas to the dentist office. Maybe your daughter wants to wear a princess costume and a tiara or your son wants to wear a batman costume. It will allow them to make it more fun and give them a small sense of control.

4. Don't Panic

Having your child get surgery—even oral surgery— is frightening. There are risks to any procedure and no one wants to imagine that their child can wind up in the small percentage of those who experience complications. Of course, you don't want to see him or her in pain afterward either. If you want to have a good cry, do it after the kids go to bed. When your child is around, you need to do everything you can to act like the surgery is not a big deal. Children look to their parents for clues about how to react to situations, and if you're two seconds away from a meltdown, your child is also going to freak out.

5. Create Distractions

One of the worst parts about oral surgery for a child is that often, they can't eat for a while before the surgery. No one wants to deny their child food, and a hungry child is rarely a happy child. This is a great time to begin the distractions. Don't take your child to the playground or somewhere else that will just work up even more of an appetite. Your best bet is to find something fun to do at home. Play board games for a few hours or have a movie marathon. It will give your little one some fun before the big day and help keep his or her mind off of it.

Oral surgery is a scary thought for a child, so you need to do everything you can to keep your little one calm and happy. Be honest about the procedure, but use terms that don't make it sound frightening, and do everything you can to make it fun. If you would like further information about your child's procedure or tips for making the surgery go smoothly, speak with a representative from an office like Renovo Endodontic Studio.

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