3-Step Home Remedy For Treating Your Teething Toddler's Eruption Cysts

While your toddler is teething, you may discover a rounded, purplish bump on their gum. If so, your child may have an eruption cyst. Although not usually serious, the intense pain can be unbearable for your little one. If you wish to relieve their pain and prevent infection, use the following three-step home remedy.

Step 1: Clean The Area With Baking Soda And Salt Water

The first step in this home treatment uses water, baking soda, and salt to cleanse the area around the cyst. The baking soda neutralizes the pH in the mouth, making it difficult for bacteria to grow. The salt not only kills germs around the cyst, but it also draws out any inflammation to reduce discomfort.

In a small dish, mix together an eighth of a cup of water, a tablespoon of baking soda, and a half-tablespoon of salt. Allow the solution to sit for a half an hour to give the baking soda and salt time to dissolve.

Wrap a clean, soft washcloth around your index finger. Dip it into the solution, saturating the material. Gently rub the cyst and surrounding gum with the cloth. 

After five minutes, have your toddler rinse their mouth with warm water. Then, go on to the second step.

Step 2:  Apply A Salt And Herbal Tincture To The Cyst

After you have cleaned the area, apply a salt and herbal tincture. The salt works as described in the first step. The clove and peppermint oils numb the nerve endings in the gum tissue, relieving pain on contact. The peppermint oil also improves the flavor of the tincture so your toddler will be less lately to try to rinse their mouth after treatment.

In the center of a small saucer or bowl, mix together two drops of water, a quarter of a teaspoon of salt, and two drops each of the peppermint and clove oils. Let the salt dissolve for 15 minutes.

Using a cotton swab, apply the tincture directly to the cyst. Do not allow your toddler to eat or drink for an hour to give it time to completely penetrate the tissue. Once an hour has passed, go on to the third step.

Step 3:  Give Your Child A Teething Ring Coated With Peppermint Oil

Once an hour has passed, give your child a cold teething ring coated with peppermint oil. The cold reduces the swelling and the oil continues the pain relief started in the previous step. You will also need a bowl large enough to submerge your toddler's teething ring.

In the bowl, mix together a cup of water and 15 drops of peppermint oil. Place the teething ring in the water and set the bowl in the refrigerator for an hour. Remove the ring and allow the excess to drip back into the bowl. Then, give it to your child to suck on for 15 minutes. Do not let them eat or drink for 15 minutes to give the oil time to work.

When your toddler is finished with the teething ring, place it back in the solution and refrigerate until its next use. This step of the treatment can be repeated every two hours. To keep the solution fresh, pour it out and replace it with new water and peppermint oil once a day.

After using this treatment twice a day for three to five days, the eruption cyst should spontaneously rupture, relieving your child's symptoms instantly. However, if the pain becomes worse or you suspect the cyst has become infected, you may want to take your toddler to a children's dentist as soon as possible for examination and possible treatment.

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